Quest for the Best Anti-Virus

I was surprised to find out the plethora of options available for Anti-Virus Programs these day! I often see people debating about which amongst them is the best ?

I would stress on the fact that there is no absolute Anti-Virus Software in the market !

The decision to select a particular anti-virus program must be taken in close association with the kind of system you have at your disposal .

I have seen my friends’ laptops beg for mercy when they used Norton Anti-Virus.Thus, if you have a system which is low on Configuration, try to go for an Anti-Virus Program which is light on system Resource Consumption . I would suggest Avast Anti-Virus….i use it on my laptop ! It’s free, updates are regular & it’s light ….what else does one need ?

If you are one of the lucky ones to possess a good Configuration….then you can go in for any of the Anti-Virus programs ! They are all good but it’s better to stick with Bigger Names .
Price is never a Consideration while we select an Anti-Virus Program because we either stick to free programs or use a Pirated one if it’s not free ! I would leave it for you to decide what you want to do ?

Last but not the least…..Make it a habit to Update your Anti-Virus Program Regularly ! An anti-Virus program is as Good as it’s updates ! If the program doesn’t possess the latest updates, it would fail to recognize the latest Viruses ! So, Do keep your Anti-Virus Updated with the latest Virus Definitions !

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One thought on “Quest for the Best Anti-Virus

  1. actually in my views … every antivirus is good, if u know how to make it for ur use…………i m using the policy of ‘prevention is better than cure’, i dun’t wait 4 any virus,,,,,i install always the COMPLETELY SECURITY SUITES…. like zone alarm, kaspersky, avast, etc…all are good one….. but again needed, how u use, and upto how much u know the functionalities it gathered……. as the major source of virus or spyware is internet.. so always use a good firewall for that….. well configured….. as it show u each and every action taken by an application regarding interacting with ur internet, system files, any updation in registry, or any configuration change……….. remain eye on each action.. and also helps u to kill any running process may b an application(spyware) using ur system resources and is not end from task manager……….. a lot like that…… just try all these things, and keep ur eye on each and every process of ur system…. secured u alot.>>!<<thats my policy………. liked it ??

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