Netstat Command Myths

Net stat command is a versatile command which can be used to obtain information about the remote systems with which the local system has established Network Connections.It is the most common tool to find out IP address of the Remote systems !

This flexibility of the command sometimes lead users into believing that they can even obtain IP address of the remote system of their friend’s Computer , while they are chatting on Messengers.

Here is an excerpt of a problem a newcomer posted @

“I used the netstat command to get the ip of my friend…. but it shows the ip of server.. I run this cmd when I called him on google talk and also during file transfer… but then also it shows the constat ip other then my friend, under the foriegn address.I used this on Gtalk. “

The Query shows a lack of understanding on the part of user about how Messengers like Gtalk work these days !!Let me Explain why is he not able to get the ip address of his friend’s system..

“Well…….whatever communication takes place when you are chatting on the
Gtalk goes through the Gtalk server .This remains the case even when the user initiate a file transfer or a voice call ! At no point is a direct connection made between his system & his friend’s system. As such, the netstat command ” is showing him the true picture ” !!

In summary….there is no way you can identify the ip address of your friend’s system if you intend to do this using Gtalk !!

Hope that this post would help users in using the netstat command judiciously…


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