Data Backups…..

The last few days weren’t the best days for my laptop’s health…..A virus crept into my system somehow and rendered a bulk of my data useless. This sprang a surprise to me as I had almost all the gizmo’s (read software) to prevent any potential mishaps. My anti-virus program had the latest definitions & yet failed to detect the virus traits!

The experience taught me the importance of keeping regular backup of all important data. A majority of us keep data stored on the hard disk without replicating the contents anywhere else. This leaves data vulnerable to loss! The loss could be due to myriad factors ranging from a physical hard disk failure to attack vectors like Viruses.

The bottom-line is that one can never be sure of the longevity of data stored on the system. This makes a strong case for regular backup of all important data on a separate physical media. Large Organizations have long understood this fact and thus make elaborate backup arrangements. On the contrary…..home users rarely bother to backup any of their data, in a way inviting trouble due to their callous attitude!

So…..Readers wake up! Make it a point to backup data on regular intervals so that you don’t lose your precious documents when the tragedy strikes. Windows XP comes with a wonderful Backup utility tool which makes the backup task a child’s play. I learnt the importance of keeping backups the hard way….make sure that you don’t be the next victim!


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