Gear up for LAN Gaming

I was setting up a LAN environment, to enable multiple-players to play game simultaneously. Things looked pretty simple while i visualized the entire process on paper. But during the actual implementation i encountered many pesky issues which are worth elaborating upon.

The implementation of a LAN Gaming environment is done in three distinct steps as outlined below :

a) Installation :All the Computers should be installed with a Game which supports LAN Gaming. The Computers should have the minimal hardware to support the Games that have been Installed.

b) Connection : Firstly, Computers should be connected to a hub/switch via a straight-through Cable which would enable systems to communicate to each other.Secondly, bring all the system on the same subnet. For Example: For a subnet mask of /24 or & Network a/d, systems could be assigned IP address in the range of

c) Firewall Considerations : Firewall is a piece of hardware/software which blocks undesired network Connections. While deploying a LAN Gaming environment, make sure that your firewall program doesn’t filter the traffic generated by the Game program. With Windows XP firewall program, add the Game program to the exception list as shown above.


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