Click fraud Groups thriving on Orkut

The Click fraud techniques have taken a new turn in the recent past. Adsense publishers have formed groups who exploit the Adsense program by clicking on each other’s Ad. The advent of Web 2.0 has made it easier for them to assemble and carry on their Click fraud attempts.

I was shocked to see various Adsense click exchange communities flourishing under Google’s social networking site Orkut. The existence of such communities under Google’s own social networking site Orkut is pretty much hard to believe.The Google’s Click fraud prevention unit has not tried to shut down such communities thriving on its own web properties is inexplicable.

[Adsense Click Exchange groups thriving on Orkut]

Click fraud exists because several entities are able to realize obvious financial gain from it. Anyone with some kind of web property @ their disposal can sign up with Google’s Adsense to display targeted PPC ads on their web sites. The greater is the number of VALID clicks originating from the website, bigger would be their paychecks @ the end of the month. The Publishes in a bid to increase monetization on their websites resort to unethical means for increasing clicks.

Although, Google has proprietary mechanisms in place to identify click fraud attempts but whether these proprietary filters are good enough to thwart a coordinated Human Click fraud attempt is debatable. Last year, Click fraud figures added up to $1.09 billion on Google’s Adsense alone. The figures are mind-boggling if click fraud estimates from other PPC networks are added up.

The real victims of Click fraud are the honest web publishers. The Cost-per-click rates are declining because of the advertiser’s reluctance in shelling out a higher amount per click owing to Click fraud. Thus, even genuine clicks are being paid a lower price resulting in decreased revenues for honest web publishers.

Click fraud has been present for as long as web advertising model. But, instead of being mute spectators, large PPC networks should form associations to thwart the challenges posed by the Click fraud groups and thereby safeguard the interests of genuine Adsense publishers.


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