Website Marketing Techniques for Amateur Webmasters

Web has emerged as the largest repository of information, informing neitizens on virtually every issue under the sun. It’s been growing exponentially over the years, providing a breeding ground for many Business Ventures.

With so many Information hubs (read websites, blogs) floating around, Webmasters have a tough time attracting and retaining traffic. Web start-ups generally have a constrained budget. So, making a name for the Website by Internet advertising is out of equation for them. Advertising dollars can be used to buy traffic but the traffic would be transient, lasting till the advertising budget lasts.

There are many cost effective techniques which would prove to be instrumental in promoting your Website/Blog without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • One key technique to build good traffic is to let the website be simply organized and easy to navigate. There are many content-rich websites that are a surfer’s nightmare and it show in their poor advertisement appeal. It is prudent to develop contents keeping in mind the audience you are targeting. Last but not the least, publish contents which gives reasons for your visitors to return.

  • Resort to Viral Marketing for promoting your services. Viral Marketing takes advantage of social networks to market the Brand.It uses pre-existing social networks to produce increase in brand awareness. Join Social Networking sites like Orkut, Facebook & market your brand in Communities which consist of the audience you plan to target. [Viral Marketing @ work on Orkut : See Figure Below]

  • List your presence on Popular Blogs. It is great to have your own website, but more importantly you need to be recognized on the popular blogs in the beginning.Also, promote your weblog/website on sites like Digg & Technorati which allow you to post links to your site, enabling you to reach a large audience. [ More than 60% of the traffic which arrives to this blog is via referral sites like Digg 🙂 ]
  • E-Mail Marketing is also one of the potent ways to advertise yourself online. But, tread with caution as purchased lists have a high mail bounce-back rate. Also, with the enhancement in spam detection techniques, it is likely that your promotional mail would be categorized as spam & your domain marked as a spammer. So, make sure to run your mail through SPAM checkers before you send out any mails.Weigh these considerations before diving into E-mail Marketing for your brand.

Brands are not built overnight; one needs to toil hard for it . Hope that the post would arm you with requisite knowledge for promoting your Web Site/Logs !!!


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