Q.F.C.S – 2 : Giant Leap Of Faith

To SAY or NOT TO SAY was the question bothering me from the last fortnight or so. Finally, I decided against the latter. The choice was difficult as I had to break the news first to the person whom I hold in high esteem and who has been a source of, both, inspiration and strength.

There is a sense of relief and anxiety following the revelation. Relieved because I have chosen my dreams over petty monetary gains which would have, otherwise, accrued to me. Anxious because I am unsure about what lies ahead and whether I have made the right choice.

I have taken a gain leap of faith without being certain of whether I would cross over the hurdle or fall down, broken beyond repair. But even in the possibility of a mishap, I would still derive satisfaction from not turning my back upon my aspiration.

Whether I succeed in my endeavor is certainly not the question. When I look back in life, years down the line, I shouldn’t see myself as someone who was too timid to take a courageous step towards realizing a childhood dream. I just hope that this conviction doesn’t wear out with time and I remain as focused and committal. I am up against the Mother of all Examination after all.


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