Dawn of a New Year…..

It’s a New Year again. A wonderful invention from the mankind which permits us to start life on a clean slate leaving all our fears, insecurities, worries & mistakes of the past year behind. An event which allows us to announce our resolutions to the whole world aloud without any inhibitions. An opportunity to forge new dreams or ascertain our progress on way to our ambitions and make the necessary midstream revisions, if required.

The last year to me was certainly a wonderful one barring a few setbacks I encountered on a personal level. Coping with the loss of dear ones wasn’t easy but the events compelled me to contemplate on the fragility of human life & relations. I decided to move on with my life to live another day and chase a dream yet unmanifested.

I don’t have a clear insight about what I intend to do with my future. Neither, I have sorted out the priorities in my life Nor I can offer an explanation for frantically running behind some elusive goal. God willing, the haziness surrounding some of these issues would clear up in the coming year.

May the New Year bring a lot of happiness & contentment in your lives ! Wishing everybody around a very Happy New Year…..


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