The World does not need extraordinarily talented people. It does not need highly skilled people either. It has plenty of super-intelligent people. We need ordinary people with extraordinary motivation. M K Gandhi was an ordinary person with amazing motivation to establish truth and justice. The Wright Brothers were ordinary people with dream of flying.

You can also achieve exceptional results if you are inspired with a higher ideal. Replacing ‘inspiration’ with ‘knowledge’ has led to the knowledge being viewed as drudgery rather than as pleasure. Education has degenerated to data being transmitted from the teacher to the taught without igniting the minds of the young with a higher purpose.

How many of us wake up inspired, looking forward to a day of service? Who among us finds exhilarating in contributing to society? Life changes magically from boredom to excitement when you are inspired to serve. You redefine norms and achieve the impossible, paving the way to outstanding success. You find happiness at work, not in escaping from it. Most importantly, you evolve spiritually and attain Godhood.

Inspiration gives ordinary people the courage and hope to make life better for themselves and for the posterity. Find Inspiration and life will transform into an exciting adventure of self-discovery.

PS: I don’t think that I have found mine.


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