Scheduling a Shutdown on Windows XP

Scheduling tasks on Windows XP can make a life a lot simpler as it gives user the flexibility to invoke programs at a specified time. The range of things one can try doing with the Scheduled Tasks wizard is endless. Here’s a start…..

The following steps describe the process by which one can schedule a shutdown of their machine @ a designated time.

# Go to Control Panel | Scheduled Tasks.
# Double-click Add Scheduled Task to launch the Scheduled Task Wizard.
# Click Next and then click the Browse button.
# Access the Windows\System32 folder, select Shutdown.exe, and click Open.
# Follow the wizard through the next two screens to give the task a name and choose a schedule.
# Enter your user account name and password and click Next.
# Select the Open Advanced Properties check box and click Finish.
# In the task’s Properties dialog box, add the -f -s parameter to the end of the command line in the Run text box and click OK. [The -f parameter forces running application to close without warning ]
# Enter your user account name and password and click OK


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