Google’s Chrome out open to test the Water

Google’s Chrome is being touted as a revolutionary invention. A browser which would change the way we interact with the web. The launch is set to further intensify the Browser Wars, for a controlling stake in the market.

The Chrome’s Beta launch has come in within a space of a week’s time, after Microsoft released IE8. The move indicates Google’s intention of dismantling the Microsoft’s dominance in the browser market.

I have been an ardent Firefox fan for a while now. Despite this, I decided to give Chrome a try to see how far it goes in fulfilling it’s claim. The results were encouraging to say the least.

[Chrome’s Interface]

The download was a breeze with no manual intervention required @ all. What really struck me was the elegant interface that Chrome offered. No fussy design……plain, simple & powerful; something which has been a hallmark of Google products. Chrome Beta edition is currently available for Windows Users only. The company is reportedly working on to release a Linux/Mac specific version soon.

Amidst all these frenetic activities in the Browser software space, the web user is left confused with plenty to choose from. The choice of a browser is a matter of preference and emergence of newer products will give users the flexibility to choose what works best for them.

Happy Surfing 🙂


One thought on “Google’s Chrome out open to test the Water

  1. Google Chrome.. It was a surprise launch by google, especially considering that google was the main funding source behind the mozilla project.Well, Google’s reputation is uncomparable, so if google is launching a browser it has to be something different and superb in quality. So, it broke all the previous records of first day downloads… Though I was totally satisfied with firefox, but for the curiosity and the hype sake, I went ahead and downloaded the chrome… First impressions were good, had a nice interface, opera types homepage re-essentialized by google’s dynamic algorithms, was something I like the most. Then the address bar serving the purpose of the search bar as well was another nice feature. It looked pretty neat package in all.But then came the cons, java script errors, activeX controls pumping out errors. The most widely used university management software, blackboard not compatible, not able to redirect pages from old facebook to new facebook, no addon to play real media files… and so on and so forth… there are so many to list. But wait a minute, when I noted down all these cons, it struck my mind that recently I tried the safari for windows and it had the same set of problems. I went ahead search over the net to find out if there were some similarities?? And there you go, they built it on the Safari version 5’s model, and thus it inherited all the negatives of pretty old and buggy version of safari.Hmm… well that wasn’t something I was expecting from google. It’s they just came out with a browser for the sake of it. And as if that was not all, I looked around a little bit more on various tech sites and blogs, and found out that, google says whatever data goes through chrome, would become a property of google….. what the heck?? I understand that they wanna earn through adverstising on the basis of what you are surfing, but what about my privacy??? well… well.. well… I am expecting that chrome shows some upshine in its next update…

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