OpenID Technology: Say Goodbye to Multiple Online Identities

Ever counted the number of online identities you keep? Innumerable to say the least. Registering on various websites, to access free resources, must have become a second nature to you by now. With every passing day spent in cyberspace, you have one more username/password combination to take care of.

Wouldn’t the cyber world been more beautiful, if a single online identity (username/password) would become your passport for accessing any website, you could possibly think of.

OpenID Technology is here to solve all your past troubles. OpenID is aimed at simplifying your online experience by eliminating the need for multiple username across different websites. In effect, that means you can log on to any website and sign-in with your OpenID, removing the need to create yet another username and password. Further, OpenID technology is not proprietary as it has its roots in open source and is thus, completely free.

At the time of writing, there are nearly 10 thousand websites supporting OpenID. This includes but is not limited to Industry heavyweights like AOL, Microsoft, Sun, and Novell. The number of sites supporting OpenID is only going to get bigger and better than the current numbers.

So, save yourself from the trouble of managing umpteen identities and enjoy hassle-free surfing. Switch to OpenID Technology today !!


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