Why Online book piracy can’t be curbed ?

Online Book piracy is a growing menace, often rubbing authors the wrong way, depriving them of revenues they deserve.

If online book piracy has its way, authors would refrain from writing quality books, as the rewards involved would dwindle away to nothing. The easy availability of acclaimed titles on the websites lures users into downloading the online pirated versions of books. The problem is so widespread that there are websites, setup exclusively to engage in Online Book piracy business.

The modulus operandi of the websites promoting online piracy is amazingly simple. They merely contains a listing of the books, mostly bestsellers. The websites don’t store any file on their servers. Rather, they use the services of websites like rapidshare.com which allows users to store & share files on their server for free. By shifting the task of hosting the pirated books on 3rd party servers, they escape out of the scope of any laws aimed at curbing piracy.

[Online Book piracy in action ]

To complicate matters further, the laws regarding the online piracy are not uniform throughout the world. The laws are not stringent enough at most of the places & then there are places where no laws exist to curb online piracy at all. This makes it easier for the owner of the website/blog to shift their operation to another country once their going gets tough in a particular territory.

To consume pirated resources or not to, is a matter of choice for netizens. It all boils down to ethics. But most of them don’t minds getting a bestseller for close to nothing, sitting in the comforts of their room at a click of the mouse. As long as this thought-process is intact, Online book piracy would never die down !!


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