Reliance Data Card Review

Pathetic is the word that summarizes the Reliance Data card services. A product pushed under the carpet to the customers with promises of blazing speeds [Upto 154 Kbps] & unprecedented coverage fails to impress.

The connection speeds are very unpredictable which can’t be relied upon to do any serious work.Reliance doesn’t assure any Committed Information rate [CIR] with the data cards which allows them to get away with speeds which are, at times 100 times slower than the maximum possible. The coverage of the Reliance’s Network is impressive but…..what good can you do with an Internet connection on which even basic tasks like mailing takes ages ???

The Inconsistent billing puts yet another cap in Reliance’s cap. Go to any consumer forum & you would find scores of people complaining about incorrect billing by Reliance.

Although, there is a mechanism in place to protest if u think u have been wrongly billed but it exists just for the sake of it. Mailing their Nodal officer would evoke no response & their technical department would always say that a correct bill has been generated after undertaking an investigation. [Yes, u r rite….i have been a victim too šŸ˜¦ ]

Go for the Reliance Data cards if you are willing to pay for incorrect bills & unused services ! You must also be patient enough to browse the Internet on blazing speeds hovering in bps.

Else, don’t ride the wireless bandwagon for now.
Not on Reliance …. at least !!!!!


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