Is microsoft forcing consumers to use its messed up OS .. so called VISTA???

Just a few days back a bought a brand new tablet pc of HP, I configured it with pretty much high end hardware, 2.2Ghz dual core processor and 2 GB Ram, mainly because I wanted my system to be fast, as everyone of us do, my laptop came along with licensed version of windows Vista home premium edition.

I was pretty much excited about it, to get my hands on to the latest and most talked about OS ever by microsoft, but as its other users, I was highly disappointed with its performance, especially the speed, I had tons of Ram and pretty fast processor still my system was damn too sloppy and as it went on… it kept getting slower and slower.. I tried every kind of tweak, turned off all high graphics applications but still no use…

hmmm…. i decided enough is enough.. i can’t handle it anymore, and I’ll go back to my favourite OS i.e. Windows XP… I immediately logged onto HP’s site and to my surprise, it was missing on windows XP’s drivers.. now that was sad, I called up the customer care and came to know that they no longer support Windows XP… I called up a friend of mine, who works for HP, thinking that he might help me out, and to my surprise, he told me that HP has purposely removed XP’s drivers from the site, and tweaked its hardware to work only with Vista, because Microsoft is paying it to do so… damn… that was really surprising to me…

I still tried hard to look out for drivers for my laptop by googling and what I found was that my friend was true, majorly all HP’s laptop include nVidia graphics card and when you go to the nVidia’s site looking for drivers for your particular hardware, they’ll say that they dont support this hardware because its not there actual hardware, and HP has made some tweaks to it, thus only HP can provide its driver….

I found out that there are many other people struggling for the same, that’s really a bad technique that Microsoft is employing to sell their crappy OS…


One thought on “Is microsoft forcing consumers to use its messed up OS .. so called VISTA???

  1. Microsoft has a long history of promoting their products by unethical means. They did that @ the height of browser wars[Between Netscape & Internet explorer] by bundling Internet explorer with every Windows OS.This time around……..they are forcing users to switch to Vista OS ! Vista OS requires a significant hardware upgrade….causing a strain on organizations which are always on lookout for cost reductions.Switch to Vista OS is inevitable…..companies have to switch to Vista OS as Microsoft wouldn’t support Windows XP from 2009 onwards ! So…..users ultimately have to upgrade…..It’s high time that users show a acceptance for Open source Softwares. They should understand if a significant no. of users switch to Open source, it may someday lead to a creation of a world order where users will have the final say in softwares they want to work upon !

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