ICS on Ad Hoc Network

Wireless Adhoc Networks have many exciting Applications including but not limited to Internet Connection Sharing, Resource Sharing & many more.
Today,We shall see how to share a Internet Connection over a wireless Adhoc Connection using Windows XP.

1. Set up Wireless peer-to-peer Network Connection. Check here for step-by-step details.
Give an IP address of on the Wifi adapter of the host machine.On the Client machine configure it to obtain the IP Address automatically.

2. Enable Internet Connection sharing on the machine whose Internet Connection has to be shared .

3. Verify the connection to the Internet on the client machine by pinging a site on the Internet . If you receive a reply from the website, it means that Internet Connection Sharing has been successfully configured.

These steps can be employed even in a conventional Ethernet LAN to share an active Internet Connection between different systems on the LAN.

Try it…..it’s fun !!!


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