Set up Ad hoc Wireless Network

Ad hoc is a Latin phrase which means “makeshift solution”. In Computer Networking, ad hoc is a network connection method which is most often associated with Wireless Devices.In an ad hoc network, a set of wireless stations communicate directly with one another without using an Access Point (AP) or any connection to a wired network.

We would now proceed to explain the explicit steps which are needed to create a Wireless Ad hoc Network. The hardware required are two computers with Wireless adapters running Windows xp professional.

The ad hoc network deployment is divided into two distinct steps:

a) Host Configuration

1. Initialize Ad hoc Network mode on the Host system.

2. Configure a valid IP Address on the Wireless NIC.

3. Create a Sample Network (Set Service Set Identifier)

4. Configure WEP Key for ensuring Encryption b/w host & client.

5. Host Network would be created

b) Client Configuration

1. Initialize Ad hoc Network mode on the Client system.

2. Configure an IP Address which is on the same subnet as the Host system.

3. Search for wireless network in Range.

4. Identify the ad hoc network by the SSID and connect to it.

Your Wireless Ad hoc Network would now be up and Running !!!

Request a presentation on “Ad Hoc Networking” which elaborates upon the steps discussed using Screen Snapshots, by sending us a mail.


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