Is the Linux Hype for Real ?

“Powerful and bug free, Linux is becoming the Operating System of Choices for Many”
Echoed one of the Leading National Dailies !!!

There is a considerable interest surrounding the Linux OS these days.
Everybody seems to be in a hurry to join the Linux Bandwagon.

Having tried my hands on some of the most popular Distributions of Linux…..
i started to think about the benefits ” Linux OS ” holds in the Desktop Market Segment! Unfortunately,there weren’t many which came to my mind !!

Linux is slated to acquire a market share of 6 % in Desktop market which is minuscule when compared to Microsoft’s reach of 94 %.Linux may be a success in the Server Market Space where Robustness & Stability comes before anything else.But as far as the Desktop Market Space is concerned ,the Linux Community has a long way to go before it can challenge the might of Microsoft.

In the coming posts ….i would talk about why the most talked about features of Linux OS holds no value for the normal Desktop Users.

Keep Watching the Space !!!!


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